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  • Rose Bowl, Abschnitt: 17-L, Reihe: 16, Platz: 1
    Eminem and Rihanna tour: Monster Tour
    Good for tix under $100, be warned parking is $30
  • Comerica Park, Abschnitt: 328, Reihe: 20, Platz: 28
    Eminem and Rihanna tour: The Monster Tour
    Perfect cheap seat. No one in front of you, straight view of the stage, and you have a fence behind you to catch the nice breeze.
  • anonym 4-Sterne-concert-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    Rose Bowl, Abschnitt: 19-H, Reihe: 47
    Eminem And Rihanna tour: The Monster Tour
    Section 19H row 47