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  • anonym
    Coronado Theatre, Abschnitt: Ub, Reihe: 1, Platz: 4
    George Lopez
  • Stifel Theatre, Abschnitt: Orchestra Right Center, Reihe: BB, Platz: 14
    George Lopez
  • Balboa Theatre, Abschnitt: Orchestra, Reihe: V, Platz: 13
    George Lopez
  • Chicago Theatre, Abschnitt: MNFL4R, Reihe: D, Platz: 412
    George Lopez tour: The Wall World Tour
    Good Seats. No obstructions. Almost centered of the stage
  • anonym 4-Sterne-concert-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    The Joint: Tulsa, Abschnitt: 203, Reihe: R, Platz: 13
    George Lopez
    Tight Seating but seats are tapered so you can see the stage even if someone is sitting in front of you. This seat is toward the back of the theater.