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Fotos von russelldunkin

  • Benedum Center, Abschnitt: ORCH-L, Reihe: V, Platz: 53
    This seat and row are good seats but are near the back of the lower level. You canc see everything but not details like the actor's facial expression.
  • Orpheum Theater (New York), Abschnitt: ORCH, Reihe: 2
    Honestly, any seat in this tiny theater is great. We bought the cheapest last row tickets and an awesome usher moved us to the front. Loud but they said the balcony was louder somehow
  • Gershwin Theatre, Abschnitt: FMEZZ, Reihe: E, Platz: 111
    Very good seats. Enough rise to the section to see over most anyone
  • Heinz Field, Abschnitt: 111, Reihe: CC, Platz: 21
    Pittsburgh Steelers vs Los Angeles Chargers
  • Benedum Center, Abschnitt: ORCH-LC, Reihe: Q, Platz: 27
    Good seats with a nice rise to the section so you can't easily see over most people who'd be seated in front of the
  • Staples Center, Abschnitt: 105, Reihe: D, Platz: 3
    Los Angeles Lakers vs Minnesota Timberwolves
    Great seats 4 rows back and right next to the visitors bench and tunnel. Perfect spot for celebrity stalking
  • Richard Rodgers Theatre, Abschnitt: Orchestra C, Reihe: P, Platz: 107
    Seats begin to rise steeply about five rows before P so you can easily see over even the tallest person in from of you. We had tickets this night for the aisle but five stars were empty so we moved to the middle.
  • Richard Rodgers Theatre, Abschnitt: Orchestra C, Reihe: P, Platz: 112
    Seats begin to rise steeply about five rows before P so you can easily see over even the tallest person in from of you.
  • Richard Rodgers Theatre, Abschnitt: BOX B, Reihe: A, Platz: 1
    Sure you miss a few small parts on the left side of the stage but the view is incredible! The box sits father back than box A which gives you a superior view.
  • Music Box Theatre, Abschnitt: Mezzanine C, Reihe: A, Platz: 106
    Dear Evan Hansen
    This seat is just a shade right of exactly center. It's a fairly small theater so this row puts you right on top of the stage. Incredible seats and experience!
  • Lyric Theatre, Abschnitt: Dress Circle R, Reihe: A, Platz: 6
    Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
    These seats are fantastic. My wife is 5' 2" and the bar on the rail did not obstruct anything at all
  • Victoria Palace Theatre, Abschnitt: PROYAL, Reihe: B, Platz: 27
    Balcony rows are angled well enough that you can easily see over anyone in the row in front of you.
  • Heinz Hall, Abschnitt: Grand Tier Left, Reihe: J, Platz: 7
    Stage will be obstructed if someone of average height is sitting in front of you.
  • US Bank Arena, Abschnitt: 214, Reihe: E, Platz: 9
    Foo Fighters tour: Concrete and Gold Tour
    Smaller arena with club level at the highest point. Great view from the side. Concourse is narrow and gets VERY congested
  • Heinz Hall, Abschnitt: FAM-LA, Reihe: A, Platz: 121
    Pittsburgh Speakers Series
    Very comfortable seats but they're not very wide and very little leg room. From a look around it didn't appear that many seats had more leg room.
  • KeyBank Pavilion, Abschnitt: 6, Reihe: N, Platz: 15
    Matchbox 20 tour: Matchbox 20
    Under cover, two rows behind VIP seating where nobody stands so sight lines in these does are great
  • CIBC Theatre, Abschnitt: DRCRRC, Reihe: C, Platz: 226
    Hamilton: An American Musical
    Great seats and the overhang doesn't get in the way. However, the rise of the section is not steep so if someone tall is in front of you the view will be obstructed. These seats are close enough to see the actor's expressions. I did hear people even one row back complaining about sight lines and two rows back and beyond had issues seeing.