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  • anonym 4-Sterne-theater-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    Cadillac Palace Theater, Bereich: Balcony RC, Reihe: D, Platz: 328
    Dirty Dancing
    If your on the short size you'll have to sit up straight too see the front of the stage due to the draping on the rails in front of you.
  • San Diego Civic Theatre, Bereich: dress circle, Reihe: a, Platz: 6
    Dirty Dancing
  • Keller Auditorium, Bereich: 1st Balcony C, Reihe: B, Platz: 7
    Dirty Dancing
  • The Fabulous Fox Theatre (St. Louis), Bereich: Orchestra 5, Reihe: U, Platz: 18
    Dirty Dancing
    Back row of this section. Good leg room, comfortable seats. Cannot see features on faces; however, I would sit here again.
  • Ziff Ballet Opera House at the Arsht Center, Bereich: 2Tier, Reihe: F, Platz: 11
    Dirty Dancing
    No obstructions, full view of the stage, good seat incline
  • anonym 5-Sterne-theater-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    Hollywood Pantages Theatre, Bereich: Orchestra RC, Reihe: X, Platz: 203

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  • anonym
    Hippodrome Theatre, Bereich: Right Orchestra, Reihe: M, Platz: 2
    Dirty Dancing
  • anonym 4-Sterne-theater-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    Cadillac Palace Theater, Bereich: Loge L, Reihe: A, Platz: 13
    Dirty Dancing
    Good seats but far left side of stage is blocked, and railing blocks a bit of downstage area.
  • anonym 3-Sterne-theater-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    Bass Performance Hall, Bereich: Lower Gallery, Reihe: D, Platz: 19
    Dirty Dancing
    It was difficult to see facial expressions, but I never had an issue hearing anything. I still fully enjoyed the performance, and was surprised by how much I enjoyed the show despite being so far from the stage.