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  • anonym
    Belasco Theatre, Bereich: Balcony R, Reihe: A, Platz: 4
    Farinelli and the King
  • anonym 5-Sterne-theater-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    Belasco Theatre, Bereich: Mezzanine C, Reihe: B, Platz: 110
    Farinelli And The King
  • Belasco Theatre, Bereich: Onstage Upper Rear, Platz: 15
    Farinelli and the King
    Really cool and unique perspective on this show. I missed a bit of action on far stage right, but, for $32, it was a bargain, and much better than I expected!
  • Belasco Theatre, Bereich: Orchestra R, Reihe: F, Platz: 12
    Farinelli and the king
    V Good seats - ropes and poles are removed before show
  • anonym
    Belasco Theatre, Bereich: Orchestra C, Reihe: G, Platz: 104
    Farinelli And The King
    Great view, narrow seats