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  • Booth Theatre, Abschnitt: Orchestra, Reihe: Standing Room, Platz: 102
    Freestyle Love Supreme
    The overhang blocks the top of the set but all the action is on the stage with no set pieces coming down.
  • Booth Theatre, Abschnitt: Orchestra , Reihe: L, Platz: 119
    Freestyle Love Supreme
    As long as a head doesn’t block your view, it’s great!
  • Booth Theatre, Abschnitt: Orchestra L, Reihe: A, Platz: 9
    Freestyle Love Supreme
    Partial view far side orchestra $40 Rush tickets seat. Speakers blocks small upstage corner where cast takes breaks between sets when it's not their turn but 95% of show/stage is viewable. No row in front of you so extra leg room.
  • Booth Theatre, Abschnitt: Orchestra C, Reihe: AA, Platz: 107
    Freestyle Love Supreme
    Front row seat, picture taken from two rows behind.