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  • Segerstrom Hall, Abschnitt: Orchestra, Platz: 28
    Shen Yun , 2018
    Great seats! A more elevated aerial view would make them perfect.
  • Rosemont Theatre, Abschnitt: 109, Reihe: AA, Platz: 12
    Shen Yun
    Great seats with no obstruction of view
  • anonym
    Stifel Theatre, Abschnitt: ORCHRC, Reihe: D, Platz: 8
    Shen Yun
  • Winspear Opera House, Abschnitt: Mezzanine Center, Reihe: D, Platz: 50
    Shen Yun
    For the type of show, these seats work well and visually capture everything on stage. Occasionally, the action of the far right is lost by other than that, it's good.
  • anonym
    4-Sterne-other event-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    Kansas City Music Hall, Abschnitt: Right Balcony, Reihe: a, Platz: 10
    Shen Yun
    Since it is on the first row, there is no where to stretch your legs. Also if you have kids or are on the short side, the railing can block view. Our 4 year old had to sit on a lap or stood in font of us. The 9 year old had to sit on edge of seat to see.
  • FirstOntario Concert Hall, Abschnitt: ORFR, Reihe: EE, Platz: 28