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  • anonym 5-Sterne-theater-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    Auditorium Theatre, Abschnitt: Dress-R, Reihe: DD, Platz: 108
    Swan Lake
    The Joffrey Ballet
  • Fox Performing Arts Center, Abschnitt: ORCHL, Reihe: U, Platz: 13
  • Metropolitan Opera House - Lincoln Center, Abschnitt: Balcony, Reihe: B, Platz: 110
    Swan Lake , American Ballet Theatre
    Up a little high but can see everything. Bring opera glasses.
  • anonym 5-Sterne-theater-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    Uihlein Hall, Abschnitt: C Loge, Reihe: A, Platz: 46
    Swan Lake
    Seats 42-44 in this aisle have a little extra leg room because they're on an angle with no seats in front of them
  • anonym 4-Sterne-theater-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    Academy of Music, Abschnitt: Family Circle F, Reihe: H, Platz: 15
    Swan Lake
    Family Circle Level
  • Academy of Music, Abschnitt: Parquet Center, Reihe: E, Platz: 106
    Swan Lake , Ballet Swanlake
    Seats are not stadium seating so tall heads will block your view

  • Anzeige
  • anonym 3-Sterne-theater-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    Metropolitan Opera House - Lincoln Center, Abschnitt: Orchestra Prime, Reihe: W, Platz: 22
    Swan Lake
    ABT Swan Lake: Close to stage with decent view but lots of heads to look through. I prefer watching dance from the upper levels.
  • David H. Koch Theater, Abschnitt: 4th Ring, Reihe: H, Platz: 10
    Swan Lake
    The view itself was great! I had a full view of the entire stage with no obstructions. Section is high but it provides great view of formations. Downside is orchestra was hard to hear. Great value for the price!
  • anonym 4-Sterne-theater-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    David H. Koch Theater, Abschnitt: 1st tier, Reihe: Row D, Platz: 104
    Swan Lake
    Great view of dancers and orchestra
  • David H. Koch Theater, Abschnitt: 1st Ring, Reihe: B, Platz: 26
    Swan Lake
    Great view of most of the stage. Seats are a little far over to the right side, so you miss a bit of action on that side of the stage, blocked by the curtain. This seat is in the second row, so you may have a little bit of someone's head in the way if they're tall or you're short, but not much. Overall great seats and closer than they seem.