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Persis Biryani & Indian Grill

Persis Biryani & Indian Grill 4.5-Sterne-Bewertung

This BYOB restaurant was a rare find, with an appealing menu executed very well, and priced very inexpensively. There's a plethora of Indian eateries in...
418 Burgers

418 Burgers 4.5-Sterne-Bewertung

American (Traditional), Burgers, Salad
Really unforgettable burgers don't come around very often. I love burgers and I can only remember a few of my favorites. This is one of them. 418 mastered...
Delhi Garden

Delhi Garden 4.5-Sterne-Bewertung

Indian, Halal, Soup
Love!!! This is one of my go to places for great Indian food. It's strictly take out or delivery. I've tried a wide array on the menu - paneer and veggie...
Jina's House Korean Restaurant

Jina's House Korean Restaurant 4.5-Sterne-Bewertung

My first outing to Jina last eve and it was everything I hoped for based on the reviews I had read previously. We were literally the only people in the...
Shanghai Dumpling House, 上海小籠

Shanghai Dumpling House, 上海小籠 4-Sterne-Bewertung

Lot of Chinese Rutgers students frequent this place, along with Chinese families too. We waited 45-50 minutes on Sunday 5pm. I just wish this place was a...
Due Mari

Due Mari 4-Sterne-Bewertung

Italian, Seafood, Bars
Perfection! The best prefix menu around by far. Some prefix menus have their own separate menu, not here! You get to order anything from the menu. Also,...
Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot 4-Sterne-Bewertung

Mongol, Fondues, Chino
Fresh food, FRESH. This is what starred me in the face of this busy busy Mongolian restaurant. You order from a large menu of vegetables, meat, seafood,...