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Stadt-/Hochschulführer für University of California
University of California befindet sich in Berkeley, California.

Beliebte Veranstaltungsorte bei University of California

Evans Diamond

California Golden Bears
NCAA Baseball
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Zellerbach Hall
Freitag, 16 Dez - 20:00
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Haas Pavilion
Sonntag, 18 Dez - 14:00
StubHub $27
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Haas Pavilion
Mittwoch, 21 Dez - 16:00
StubHub $4
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Haas Pavilion
Donnerstag, 29 Dez - 19:00
StubHub $10
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Haas Pavilion
Samstag, 31 Dez - 15:00
StubHub $6
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Chop Plentii

Chop Plentii 5-Sterne-Bewertung

African, Food Delivery Services
Chop Plentii is absolutely delicious. My favorite is the pepper soup, so I make sure to order that every time. The fried stew is great too and you can't...

AZIT 4.5-Sterne-Bewertung

Korean, Lounges, Asian Fusion
THESE DUDES RULE!!! Everything is dope here and whoever decides to differ just has a stick up their arse!! Stop hating on these young folks and let them...
No No Burger

No No Burger 4.5-Sterne-Bewertung

Burgers, Food Stands, Vegan
Hands down THE BEST vegan restaurant I've eaten at since becoming vegan. Not better than my girlfriends food but a very close second ha! The woman working...
Doc's Classic

Doc's Classic 4-Sterne-Bewertung

Burgers, Food Trucks
I haven't had Doc's for years (and didn't realize they rebranded to Doc's Classic from Doc's of the Bay), but got to (re)try them while they were parked at...
Borinquen Soul

Borinquen Soul 4-Sterne-Bewertung

Puerto Rican, Bars
This place deserves all the hype. The food is consistently so delicious! I love the beans and rice, planning on getting some today. I like the location in...