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Stadt-/Hochschulführer für West Virginia University
West Virginia University befindet sich in Morgantown, West Virginia.

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Hotels in der Nähe von West Virginia University


The Grind

The Grind 5-Sterne-Bewertung

Coffee & Tea, Breakfast & Brunch, Sandwiches
The best coffee in Morgantown! I always either get a light roast drip coffee, light roast Americano, or a dark roast iced coffee when it's hot out....
Pies & Pints

Pies & Pints 4.5-Sterne-Bewertung

Pizza, Sandwiches, Diners
"What're you doing here!?" That great feeling when you see a good friend, and you weren't expecting it. I pulled into Morgantown and saw a Pies and Pints...
Black Bear Burritos

Black Bear Burritos 4.5-Sterne-Bewertung

Mexicano, Comida Caseira, Pubs
Fun, good meal after visiting the college. I love the idea of your table indicator being a child's play toy!

Yama 4.5-Sterne-Bewertung

Every small town has its gem - and for Morgantown, it's this mom and pop place serving up delicious Japanese food. We used to come here whenever we would...
Black Bear Burritos

Black Bear Burritos 4.5-Sterne-Bewertung

Mexican, Comfort Food, Pubs
As my husband says, "all of their food is good, some dishes are better than others, but there are no bad dishes". This is one of our favorite restaurants in...