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  • Fiserv Forum, Bereich: 202, Reihe: 7, Platz: 4
    Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets
    Good seats at the Fiserv, awesome venue. Seats are pitched pretty steep so easy to see over anyone sitting in front of you. Seats are pretty high but still feel close to the action.
  • Veterans Memorial Stadium (Cedar Rapids), Bereich: 107, Reihe: V, Platz: 1
    Cedar Rapids Kernels vs West Michigan Whitecaps
  • Wembley Stadium, Bereich: 124, Reihe: 41, Platz: 52
    Harry Styles tour: Love On Tour
  • Lumen Field, Bereich: 120, Reihe: C, Platz: 7
    Seattle Sounders FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps FC
  • Nationals Park, Bereich: 220, Reihe: D, Platz: 22
    Washington Nationals vs Philadelphia Phillies
    Zimmerman retirement weekend
  • Citi Field, Bereich: 121, Reihe: 19, Platz: 17
    New York Mets vs Miami Marlins
    Two away from the aisle.

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  • Rogers Centre, Bereich: 124L, Reihe: 19, Platz: 107
    Toronto Blue Jays vs Chicago White Sox
    Exceptional with the roof open
  • FedEx Field, Bereich: 216, Reihe: 2, Platz: 13-16
    Monster Jam
    Trucks came out on this side. Trucks parked on this side… Backflip jump was on other end of stadium.
  • Yankee Stadium, Bereich: 108, Reihe: 14, Platz: 13
    New York Yankees vs Baltimore Orioles
  • Molineux Stadium, Bereich: Wl6, Reihe: E, Platz: 159
    Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Brighton & Hove Albion
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground, Bereich: M43, Reihe: BB, Platz: 13
    Essendon vs Carlton Football Club
  • Great American Ball Park, Bereich: 526, Reihe: M, Platz: 8
    Cincinnati Reds vs Washington Nationals
    Great seats! The picture makes you look farther away than you actually are

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  • Yankee Stadium, Bereich: 203, Reihe: 21W, Platz: 5
    New York Yankees vs Chicago Cubs
  • PNC Park, Bereich: 101, Reihe: V, Platz: 11
    Pittsburgh Pirates vs Detroit Tigers
    under overhang
  • Wembley Stadium, Bereich: 552, Reihe: 13, Platz: 367
    Huddersfield Town vs Nottingham Forest
    Excellent view
  • Angel Stadium, Bereich: 130, Reihe: J, Platz: 5
    Los Angeles Angels vs Boston Red Sox
    Overall great seats and close to the action. One section closer to the infield would be the sweet spot.
  • Thomas More Stadium, Bereich: 108, Reihe: A, Platz: 6
    Florence Y'alls vs Lake Erie Crushers
    Wow! Great seats behind home plate. You can see the entire field and are close to everything.
  • Wrigley Field, Bereich: 323R, Reihe: 9, Platz: 21
    Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals
  • Canal Park, Bereich: 17, Reihe: P, Platz: 13
    Akron RubberDucks vs Richmond Flying Squirrels
  • Sioux Falls Stadium, Bereich: R, Reihe: 3, Platz: 1
    Sioux Falls Canaries vs Cleburne Railroaders
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