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  • Yankee Stadium, Abschnitt: 203, Reihe: 5, Platz: 2
    New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox
    Greatest atmosphere in the whole stadium. Rowdy crowd, as always!
  • Yankee Stadium, Abschnitt: 214A, Reihe: 14, Platz: 5
    New York Yankees vs Toronto Blue Jays
    Great seats. Slightly less width than the seats in the 100’s.
  • Fenway Park, Abschnitt: Bleacher 41, Reihe: 21, Platz: 1
    Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees
    Not a bad view. These “bleacher” seats have back and arm rests. Close proximity to bathrooms and food. The best bang for your buck.
  • Yankee Stadium, Abschnitt: 426, Reihe: 11, Platz: 1
    New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox