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Event-Art: alleKonzertTheater
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  • The Forum, Abschnitt: 232, Reihe: 17, Platz: 1
    Thirty Seconds to Mars tour: The Monolith Tour
    Giant bar above is in the way of screens and part of stage. Don't sit here if you want to see everything. High up in this section is bad.
  • Hollywood Bowl, Abschnitt: P2, Reihe: 4, Platz: 101
    The Go-Go's tour: 4th Of July
  • Hollywood Bowl, Abschnitt: K3, Reihe: 19, Platz: 29
    Father John Misty tour: God’s Favorite Customer
  • Hollywood Bowl, Abschnitt: U3, Reihe: 9, Platz: 1
    Diana Ross tour: 2018 Season Opening Night At The Hollywood Bowl
    Far away but good.
  • The Forum, Abschnitt: 202, Reihe: 10, Platz: 7
    Chicago And Reo Speedwagon tour: North American Summer Tour 2018
    Good view
  • The Greek Theatre, Abschnitt: Terrace L, Reihe: X, Platz: 2
    Sugarland tour: Still The Same Tour
    Don't sit in this section if you're short. The metal bar could be in people's view. It's big. PLUS, if you don't want to hear people blabbing nonsense loudly from the seats below then DON'T sit in this section.
  • The Forum, Abschnitt: 234, Reihe: 8, Platz: 11
    Kesha & Macklemore tour: The Adventures Of Kesha & Macklemore
    Good seats.
  • The Forum, Abschnitt: 204, Reihe: 12, Platz: 8
    Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers tour: The Summer of Living Dangerously
    Good seats.
  • The Wiltern, Abschnitt: R Mezz, Reihe: H, Platz: 8
    Todd Rundgren's Utopia tour: Reuion Tour
    Todd Rundgren's Utopia were amazing! Good seats.
  • The Greek Theatre, Abschnitt: C Left, Reihe: D, Platz: 37
    Tom Jones
    Good seats. Nice view.
  • Hollywood Bowl, Abschnitt: U2, Reihe: 3, Platz: 111
    Paul Simon tour: Homeward Bound The Farewell Tour
    Far away but good. Paul was good.
  • The Forum, Abschnitt: 230, Reihe: 21, Platz: 15
    U2 tour: eXPERIENCE & iNNOCENT
    Night 2 - 5/16 - Okay seat. The black bar hanging above was in the way of the screen. It was very hot but it was near the top of the arena.
  • The Forum, Abschnitt: 214, Reihe: 16, Platz: 16
    U2 tour: eXPERIENCE & iNNOCENT Tour 2018
    First night 5/15. Good seats. I can see everything.
  • Libbey Bowl, Abschnitt: Right 1, Reihe: J, Platz: 14
    Al Stewart tour: Year Of The Cat - Classic Album Concert
    Amazing venue! Great seats. Al Stewart was FANTASTIC!!!!
  • The Wiltern, Abschnitt: Mezz Right, Reihe: J, Platz: 12
    Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark tour: The Punishment of Luxury Tour
    Good seats. Amazing band and concert.
  • Aratani Theatre, Abschnitt: Balcony, Reihe: CC, Platz: 43
    Nice theatre but the seats are a little are on the back.
  • The Novo by Microsoft, Abschnitt: vip 2, Reihe: DD, Platz: 214
    Bananarama tour: The Original Line Up Tour
    Great seats! Awesome concert.
  • Staples Center, Abschnitt: 305, Reihe: 2, Platz: 3
    The Killers tour: Wonderful Wonderful Tour
    Amazing show and good seats.
  • Microsoft Theater, Abschnitt: Lower Mezz center left, Reihe: B, Platz: 406
    Boy George, The Romantics, Haircut 100, A Flock Of Seagulls, Missing Persons and More. tour: 80
    Fun concert! Boy George and Haircut 100 were the best! The only negative was some acts only played 3 songs. I wanted more. The volume was really loud.
  • Staples Center, Abschnitt: 209, Reihe: 5, Platz: 5
    Brad Paisley tour: Weekend Warrior Tour
    Brad is fantastic! AMAZING guitar player, singer and comedian. Go see him live! Absolutely great show!
  • The Forum, Abschnitt: 235, Reihe: 4, Platz: 1
    Barry Manilow tour: A Very Barry Christmas
    Good seats. He's really great. Very entertaining.
  • The Forum, Abschnitt: 202, Reihe: 7, Platz: 6
    Lady Gaga tour: Joanne World Tour
    Good seats.
  • Ahmanson Theatre, Abschnitt: Mezzanine, Reihe: B, Platz: 3
    Bright Star
    Okay seats but if you're short then don't sit here. Move up/back a few rows because the railing is in your sight line. Bright Star is spectacular! Five stars for the show!
  • Hollywood Bowl, Abschnitt: U1, Reihe: 15, Platz: 2
    Morrissey With Billy Idol
  • Staples Center, Abschnitt: 209, Reihe: 4, Platz: 1
    Katy Perry tour: Witness: The Tour
    Great seats!!!! Spectacular concert! One of the best tours in 2017! Amazing in every way! Go see her live.
  • The Forum, Abschnitt: 203, Reihe: 1, Platz: 1
    Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull
    Great concert. Perfect view.
  • The Forum, Abschnitt: 213, Reihe: 22, Platz: 3
    Arcade Fire tour: Infinite Content Tour
    They are cheap seats for a reason. A huge black bar is in the way of the upper view but i guess it's okay since this show is in round.
  • Hollywood Bowl, Abschnitt: L1, Reihe: 7, Platz: 1
    Depeche Mode tour: Global Spirit Tour
  • Hollywood Bowl, Abschnitt: J1, Reihe: 22, Platz: 1
    Janet Jackson tour: State of The World Tour
    Amazing concert! Awesome crowd!
  • Hollywood Bowl, Abschnitt: K1, Reihe: 10, Platz: 2
    Kings of Leon tour: Walls Tour
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