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  • Busch Stadium, Bereich: 131, Reihe: 9, Platz: 3
    St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs
    Short row with 12 seats. Protective net is a little annoying
  • Busch Stadium, Bereich: 239, Reihe: 4, Platz: 17
    St. Louis Cardinals vs Pittsburgh Pirates
    Good location with nice field of both the infield and outfield. Concessions are limited nearby. You must go down 2 levels to the 100 level or up to the 400s for a wider variety. You will be right back n the edge for coverage from rain. You will need to be row 6 or back. Long row with 25 seats.
  • Busch Stadium, Bereich: 369, Reihe: 6, Platz: 8
    St. Louis Cardinals vs Washington Nationals
    Seats 8 and 9 are separated because of a seam giving extra room.
  • The Fabulous Fox Theatre (St. Louis), Bereich: Lower Balcony 4, Reihe: A, Platz: 102
    Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
    A little extra leg room in row A.
  • Soldier Field, Bereich: 325, Reihe: 10, Platz: 5
    Chicago Bears vs Los Angeles Rams