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Mad House

  • Ambassadors Theatre, Bereich: Stalls, Reihe: M, Platz: 13
    Mad House
    This older theater has great views throughout. Leg room was a little tight and the old AC system was trying it's best but it's pretty humid in there in the summertime.
  • anonym 5-Sterne-theater-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    Ambassadors Theatre, Bereich: Stalls, Reihe: B, Platz: 9
    Mad House
    maybe one of the best seats i’ve had for a theatre show. the seats were comfier than most, leg room was insanely good!!! (i’m 6ft too) and the view of the stage was incredible.
  • Ambassadors Theatre, Bereich: Circle, Reihe: H, Platz: 11
    Mad house
    Great view of entire stage. Not that much leg room if you have long legs.