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  • Davenport Field, Bereich: E, Reihe: 6
    Virginia Cavaliers vs Monmouth
  • Davenport Field, Bereich: 101, Reihe: I
    Appalachian State Mountaineers vs Oklahoma Sooners
    Away teams section. 2-6-12
  • Davenport Field, Bereich: 106, Reihe: 1
    Appalachian State Mountaineers vs Oklahoma Sooners
    Seats in the first few rows are not covered by the roof so you will get rained on. Other than that- and the screen - probably the best seat in the house. It's right next to the home teams dugout and right behind their on-deck circle.
  • Davenport Field, Bereich: 109, Reihe: 1
    Appalachian State Mountaineers vs Oklahoma Sooners
    A wonderful view of home plate, provided you don't mind the screen. You cannot see 3rd base without straining your neck or standing up, however.
  • Davenport Field, Bereich: GA Hill
    Virginia Cavaliers vs Monmouth Blue Hawks
    A decent, unobstructed view.
  • Davenport Field, Bereich: GA Left Field, Reihe: 1
    Virginia Cavaliers vs Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
    The plate is about 340 feet away, but you still get a good overall view of the game and the stadium. The benches are hard and uncomfortable yet left field is where the majority of the home runs are hit.