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  • Emirates Stadium, Bereich: 106, Reihe: 2, Platz: 417
    Arsenal FC vs Leeds United
    Great seat
  • Emirates Stadium, Bereich: 110, Reihe: 25, Platz: 518
    Arsenal FC vs West Ham United
    Great seat
  • anonym 5-Sterne-soccer-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    Emirates Stadium, Bereich: Block 93, Reihe: 73
    Arsenal FC vs Olympiacos FC
    West Stand
  • Emirates Stadium, Bereich: 119, Reihe: 12, Platz: 782
    Arsenal FC
    Great view of pitch but far screen isnt visible and seat is right under the other screen
  • Emirates Stadium, Bereich: 119, Reihe: 2, Platz: 793
    Arsenal FC vs AFC Bournemouth
    Great view, easy access as there’s only two seats to the right
  • Emirates Stadium, Bereich: 120, Reihe: 20, Platz: 822
    Arsenal FC vs Leicester City FC
    Great view

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  • Emirates Stadium, Bereich: 1, Reihe: 19, Platz: 29
    Arsenal FC vs Blackpool FC
    Great view but view is obstructed when rows in front stand up.
  • Emirates Stadium, Bereich: 105, Reihe: 19, Platz: 410
    Arsenal FC vs Wolverhampton Wanderers
    Great seat.
  • Emirates Stadium, Bereich: 114, Reihe: 1, Platz: 662
    Arsenal FC vs Tottenham Hotspur
    Perfect seats provided the people next to you don’t decide to lean on the wall in front. If they do then the sideline and corner flag on the near side are obstructed.
  • Emirates Stadium, Bereich: 5, Reihe: 5, Platz: 155
    Arsenal FC vs Cardiff City FC
    Seats not covered by roof so prepare to get soaked if it’s raining. Can also get chilly. Good view of half of pitch, the far end is hard to see clearly.
  • Emirates Stadium, Bereich: 109, Reihe: 20, Platz: 509
    Arsenal FC vs BATE Borisov
    Directly in line with goal line. Occasionally slightly restricted view of corner flag at the clock end when people stand up. Overall very good. No bad seats in this stadium.