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Bereich F

anonym Aug 29, 2022

Couldn’t see stage


Bereich D

anonym Aug 28, 2022

This venue is awful. Thought these would be great seats but you can’t see anything, especially if everyone is standing. Even the Jumbotrons were worthless. The stage is very far away and there aren’t any vendors or bathrooms anywhere close by.


Bereich 6

anonym Aug 27, 2022

This side had shade while the other side has VERY bright sin in their eyes!


Bereich 25

trevorkane Aug 19, 2022

This is one of the best seats in the stadium unless you are close to the stage on the floor. However Hersheypark stadium is a horrible venue that has terrible sound quality, views are horrible unless you are in this section, section 8 (the section right across from 25) or up close on the floor, parking is a mess and the venue as a whole is extremely outdated. If you have the opportunity to see the concert elsewhere, do it! I would only recommend seeing a concert here if it is the only option! If you do see a concert here I would recommend this seat but please note that you might want to try and get tickets in section 8 if you are seeing a concert in August because the sun can be blinding in section 25 during the day.

anonym Sep 11, 2021

View was good. Seat was cramped. Bleacher seats get cramped when you sit buy people who are rather large.

anonym Aug 21, 2021

Opening for the Zac Brown Band

anonym Jul 12, 2021

Great view!

Cbennett Sep 4, 2019

You could see the stage and B , had a sneak peak view of the tour buses!


Bereich 27

Nikko Po Aug 13, 2022

Great sats- but! Facing west so waiting for main act you will have the sun shining on you and in your eyes. But after its sets the view is good. Note the location of the sound booth. This blocked some view of car walk but was ok, could still see. From these seats you cant make out facial features of the artist- need to see the big screen for that. So i was watching the artist and the screen.


Bereich A10

anonym Aug 13, 2022

VIP Box tickets on floor directly to right of runway ….. great seats BUT, most VIP services are on Left side of stage - therefore, recommend VIP section “C” instead - plus, if u can closest to runway cuz there are other seats along runway!


Bereich 30

TheFantasticPooh Aug 12, 2022

Obstructed view, and hard to see the performers. Thankful for giant screens.


Bereich 29

gh0st Aug 12, 2022

Really can't see the artists if the concert is early because the sun is setting right infront of you.


Bereich B

anonym Aug 7, 2022

Santana, Earth Wind and Fire concert. 08/06/2022

anonym Sep 8, 2021

Amazing seats could see perfectly the whole night


Bereich G

CDM12 Aug 5, 2022

Opening for Motley Crue and Def Leppard


Bereich C

anonym Nov 24, 2021

great spot!!

anonym Sep 6, 2021

Good seats!


Bereich 8

anonym Oct 3, 2021

Best seats that aren’t on the floor. It’s kids side stage view but it’s pretty close to them.


Bereich 26

anonym Aug 28, 2021

Great Seats


Bereich A

anonym Nov 27, 2019

Opening for Florida Georgia Line

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