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  • anonym 3-Sterne-cricket-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    Lord's Cricket Ground, Abschnitt: Lower Tier, Reihe: 9, Platz: 194
    Lower tier restricted View.
  • Lord's Cricket Ground, Abschnitt: Crompton Upper Stand Block 17, Reihe: J, Platz: 87
    Middlesex vs Somerset
    A great view of all the field, no shade on hot sunny days, take a hat and sunscreen
  • anonym 5-Sterne-cricket-Sitzplatz-Aussicht
    Lord's Cricket Ground , Abschnitt: Grand Stand Lower Tier Block 12, Reihe: 17, Platz: 90
    Middlesex C.C.C. vs Surrey CCC
    **Restricted View** Great seat on the end of the row. The pillar to the left restricts 5% of the outfield (you can lean forward and see most of it!) can’t see many high shots, but can see both screens
  • anonym
    Lord's Cricket Ground
    ICC Women's World Cup 2017
  • Lord's Cricket Ground, Abschnitt: 19, Reihe: T, Platz: 72
    Middlesex C.C.C. vs Essex C.C.C