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Bereich Orchestra 4

klerner Sep 23, 2023

View of the stage. (Not sure why the four chairs on stage look transparent!) Note that the barrier where the guy is leaning is where the pit would be when needed. Here, there are four extra rows of seating instead.

klerner Sep 23, 2023

On either side of the hall they have large screen views, which allowed people to get close-ups of the performers. Wasn't really necessary from this seat (though the close-ups would've been fun), but it does show that sitting farther back would've been OK.

klerner Sep 23, 2023

A wider look at the stage from row FF, seat 401. (Sorry for the weird color; the back curtain was a deep blue.) Comfortable and terrific view.

adrianaacorn123 Aug 26, 2023

such good seats it was close to the front row too


Bereich ORCH2

anonym Sep 15, 2023

Such a great view considering how far to the right you are. Can never go wrong with an aisle seat, only downside was even tho there wasn’t a seat directly in front of me, the girl in front decided to stand directly in front of me aka in the aisle :/


Bereich Orchestra 2

Valpack07 Sep 10, 2023

Great spot! Always love choosing a spot in the front row of the section. There is a railing right in front of the row. Gives you extra room and put your feet up. Also helps the short people so extra tall people aren’t blocking us with their heads.


Bereich 2nd Mezzanine 5

exo_skeleton Sep 10, 2023

Clear view! Lovely time.


Bereich 1st mezzanine 4

Concertmania Sep 9, 2023

Absolutely perfect seat. Right in the center. No obstruction. Luckily person in front of me was short.


Bereich 1st mezzanine 3

anonym Sep 1, 2023

the view was good except for the fact that there was someone tall in front of me. it was a nice view in the middle. i can’t wait to see them again in october!!

Concertmania Jun 6, 2023

Excellent seat. NOT zoomed in. This section in mezzanine corresponds with center orchestra so you have a perfect sightline. Seats are roomy and cushioned and legroom is ample. I'm 5'10" and was very comfortable. Plus no standing all night.


Bereich Orchestra 5

Concertmania Aug 26, 2023

Fantastic seats. Staggered seats so no heads blocking. Not too close, not too far. Not too far left. Comfy seats. Zero complaints.

anonym Aug 11, 2023

i was sitting when i took this, no zoom


Bereich Orchestra 7

anonym Aug 26, 2023

Great seat with plenty of legroom, and it doesn't feel as far away as it looks.


Bereich 2nd Mezzanine 1

cccleary Aug 6, 2023

This seat was perfect! We had 106, 107, 108. Our first seat was two seats in from the aisle. Though there was a row in front of ours, it didn't start until seat 109ish, which meant no one was seated in front of us. There was a rail in front of 106 and 107, but it did not obstruct our view. While we were far back, having a clear view of the stage and the screens was fantastic. Plus, since we were in the 2nd mezzanine, the tickets were much more affordable than other options I considered. Another plus is that we had easy access to a concession stand.


Bereich Orchestra Pit Left

Brandonn5150 Aug 3, 2023

Worth every second. If you can sit in the Radio City for once in your life. Do it.

Brandonn5150 Aug 3, 2023

Incredible view. Unbeatable experience at one of NY's greatest venues.


Bereich Orchestra 3

Besthireever Jul 12, 2023

Great seats! Full view of everything


Bereich Orchestra 6

anonym Jul 1, 2023

Not bad at all. Seat was plush and comfortable. Brad in front of me (seriously people can see your phone behind you🙄) didn’t block my view. Not too claustrophobic for the middle.

anonym Jun 3, 2023

Excellent aisle seat. The double letters are close to the stage. The single letters are behind.


Bereich 1st Mezzanine 1

ec1234 Jun 8, 2023

closer than it looks

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